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Lisa Ray

¡Bienvenidos a mi clase en línea!

Español 2


Sra. Ray

Objectives for the week:  We will get familiar with the online textbook.

                                         I will login and submit a minimum of 4 assignments.

Before you click the online learning link, read these steps to make the process smoother.

  1. Check my Teacher pages for login info, instructions to help navigate the online book, and assignments.
  2. After logging in, realize the assignments that appear on the site are the same as the ones listed on my assignment page.  In the book, the assignments appear in blocks and they are broken into chuncks.  Click the “Note” in the upper right corner to see what to do on each assignment.  I numbered the blocks in case they did not appear in order when you logged in.  Some of these “assignments” are just things to read, watch or listen to in order to complete some of the activities.
  3. ***Make sure you have figured out how to access a video, audio, speaking activity,written activity, and you have completed and submitted at least 4 different activities.  You are welcome to do more if you would like some extra points.  Then check for feedback once I have graded the activities.***
  4. You can get rid of an assignment from your list  after you have done it by clicking “Complete” in the assignment view on your main page.
  5. If you need to access vocabulary for the unit to complete the activity, it is located at the back of each lesson in the book.  Click “Contents” on the the left, then click “En Resumen”.

Click here for online learning! 

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