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Heather Hattori

Welcome to the wonderful world of science!

Assignment pages for each of my classes have been added. They will have each day’s assignment listed. Please click on the appropriate class on the side bar for more information.

The majority of the content for each class will be posted on each period’s Google classroom. unless we start encountering too many problems. Please bookmark this page.

Students who have not been to the site in a while may contact Miss Hattori for more information. Please send an email (preferably from your school email account), identify yourself, and let me know what you need. I will not be online from 9 pm – 7 am (Sunday-Friday). 

UPDATE: 5/20 All grades are in Skyward. Enjoy a well deserved summer break! The class pages will be available until the start of August unless Google does something with them.

Links to Google Class Pages:

Go to AP Chemistry Home Page

Go to PAP Chemistry: Period 3 Home Page     Period 5 Home Page     Period 8 Home Page

Go to AP Physics 1 Home Page


Heather Hattori

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