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Kyle Keahey

Welcome to Mr. Keahey’s Webpage

Hello, all.

Welcome to Mr. Keahey’s Advanced Plant and Soil Science, Principles of Construction, Wildlife Management, and Advanced Animal Science.  


I hope everyone is staying warm out there!

For the time being, we will not be in school, so in order for you to be counted present for these days, you will need to make contact with your fourth perod teacher.  You can make contact through email, IXL, Google Classroom, or your teacher will contact you.  If you are in my fourth period, you will need to send an email to me at or complete your Google Classroom assignment.  If you have not made contact in one of those two ways by noon, I will be making contact by phone.  All of my students need to check my Google Classroom for new assignments.  

My Google Classroom codes can be found below:

1st Period Advanced Plant and Soil Science: q3kt2ro

2nd Period Principles of Construction: qdfwjda

4th Period Wildlife Management: kcrjtnz

5th Period Advanced Animal Science: xrjglrh

6th Period Advanced Plant and Soil Science: a6em5tr

Lastly, I hope that you try to enjoy this rare weather occasion, but BE SAFE!  Stay off the roads and use caution any time that you are outside.  

See you guys soon!

Kyle Keahey

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