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Ben Patrick

Theatre Classes 

(HS 1st period, HS 3rd period, HS 4th period, JH 6th period, HS 7th Period)

Each of the above classes now has a Google Classroom page. All students enrolled in the class have been invited via their school email address. So, please check your school email account and follow the prompts to join the class. If you are not familiar with your school email account take this time to login. Google “Outlook email”, click on the 1st link and sign in with your school email and password. This is also an app avaliable on your phone so you don’t have to open in your browser every time. School emails are usually – 

lastname+1st letter of firstname+1st letter of middle name+last two digits of lunch (Ex:


Google Classroom can be accessed through any web browser as well as the app. I will also put the classroom codes below in case you need them.


HS Theatre 1st Period – gfa3ftr

HS Theatre 3rd Period – kdgcb5v

HS Theatre 4th Period – xbqbakd

JH Theatre 6th Period – 2p7a5qd

HS Theatre 7th Period – rrqmel4


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