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At Gilmer HS we set high expectations for every student, and are determined to ensure that they are college, career, and/or military ready. One way in which we encourage that is by enrolling all students in an Algebra 2 course prior to graduation. Although Algebra 2 is not required to graduate on the Foundation High School Program, students who take Algebra 2 and a math beyond that in high school will be honored as Texas Scholars, and be potentially eligible for automatic college admission and certain state financial aid.

Required Notification Regarding Algebra II as a High School Graduation Requirement

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Important Links

Mental Health Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call: 800-273-8255
Text Hello to 741741
Domestic/Dating Violence
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Call: 800-799-SAFE (7233)
Text Start to 88788
East Texas Crisis Center
Call: 903-509-2526
Women's Center of East Texas
Call: 800-441-5555

Dual Credit

Students may begin completing the registration form below and emailing the copy to Mrs. Erickson or dropping a copy off at the High School on Fridays durinng packet it pickup.

At this time, TSI requirements are still necessary, but GHS does not have a way of offering the test.  Students that have not tested will need to contact Kilgore College about their ability to remote proctor the TSI.

For questions, please email Mrs. Erickson at

Volunteer Opportunities

Preparing for College/College Search

College Applications


Financial Aid


Free Scholarship Information




  • How to Get Better at Writing: The Basics is a brand new, expert-driven guide that breaks down the basic tips of becoming a better writer. The advice provided in this guide is valuable for high school students, as well as college students and professionals. Even nurses need to be able to write!
  • How to Study: A Guide for College and Adult Learners also provides critical information for students' success. This information can also be valuable for high school students who are developing these skills and will continue to need these skills as they move forward in their education.
  • 9 Reasons to Consider CNA Training after High School is a short, fun intro to CNA training and careers. Post-secondary education is not a one-size fits all. Starting a career in healthcare as a CNA can be a quick, affordable option for students.
  • Healthcare Career and Education Pathways is a great companion piece for the post above. There are so many ways to get into the healthcare field. This guide provides an introduction to the various education and career tracks to suit any student's needs. From the traditional 2yr or 4yr college track to bridge programs and accelerated options, this guide helps students find the education path that will set them up best for success.

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To be mailed to colleges or to be picked up for scholarship applications: orange forms available in the counseling office.

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