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Erin Knabenshue

Welcome to Mrs. Knabenshue’s Online Classroom!!!

Attention Students...

Assignments, activities, tutorial sites, and more can be found on Google Classroom. 

When you get logged on, look for specific messages from me on what you need to do.

 If you need assistance logging in or navigating the site, please feel free to email.

Please keep in mind that this is new for all of us so we are learning together now.

I will post updates on classswork every Wednesday.

Some things are required work and some just extra practice.


To access our Google Classroom:

(Option 1) Visit your school email and look for a link sent from me. This link will go directly into your section and you can start working.

(Option 2) You can go to Google Classroom and log on. Once you get logged on, click join class and enter your class code in the box.


             Username:  lastname firstinitial middleinitial  

                                            (No spaces and lowercase)

             Password:  firstinitial lastinitial wholelunchnumber   (No spaces and lowercase)


Google Class Codes:

2nd Period : 4cyhuez

5th Period : z3repxk

7th Period : vftj3nw


I am here for you and all your questions. You can shoot an email at anytime, and I will do my best to respond quickly.. Everyone take care! See you soon!

Erin Knabenshue

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