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Donya Denman

   Hello!!!  I am sure missing seeing your faces and hearing your voices in the classroom!!  I hope that you are all taking this time to enjoy the little things and become appreciative of the things that you are offered.  I am going to work through this internet learning process, but I will need your patience. If at any time you can’t get connected to the right assignment or you feel that it is a mistake on my end, please email me. If you are not currently enrolled in my Google classroom, you'll have to log in with your school credentials using google or through Clever and use the code to get set up. Please consider downloading the app, as it makes access much easier.  Google classroom codes are:
FRESHMEN Google classroom code is cvqz3c4
JUNIORS Google classroom code is 5twgkdd
When logging into ANY site that an assignment might take you to, use your google sign-in that is associated with the school.  Also, check your emails regularly.  I will be updating new assignments often. Each morning I will make a new FlipGrid for you to make a quick response or video to. When typing responses, please use the proper grammar and punctuation. I will also be assigning weekly writing activities that will be much like your daily journal writing. Again, practice using correct grammar and punctuation. Google classroom is also a way for us to stay in touch.  Wash your hands and practice social distancing, so that we can get back to school soon!  Miss you all!!  

-Ms. Denman

Donya Denman

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